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Earl Cason

MS, he/they

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Earl Cason is a dedicated and passionate mental health counselor in training, currently in the final year of a Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree at NMSU. His unique blend of traditional counseling approaches, deep appreciation for Eastern philosophies, and an interest in transpersonal psychology highlight his holistic approach to mental health.


Informed by a strong academic background in counseling, as well as personal interests in mindfulness, narrative therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, Earl is committed to developing therapeutic practices that honor the complex interplay between mind, body, and spirit. He values and incorporates multicultural competence and a neurodivergence affirming approach into his practice, alongside a keen interest in working with couples and families.


Earl's prior education includes a master's degree in electrical engineering, and he brings experience from his time at USAF and NASA into his counseling approach. This analytical background informs his practice and enables him to uniquely bridge the gap between science and emotion.


Earl is an experienced life coach who has led workshops related to emotional well-being. His background in this area broadens his perspective, enabling him to effectively support clients through their therapeutic journeys while maintaining the necessary boundaries between counseling and life coaching roles. In addition, Earl has pursued focused training in biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques. This specialized knowledge supplements his foundational understanding of mind-body connections, offering a unique dimension to his counseling approach.


With special interests in the areas of trauma, social justice, and the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelics, Earl is devoted to providing empathetic, curious, and problem-solving oriented counseling. As a lifelong learner, he's currently involved in an educational research project and considering further academic exploration via a PhD program, reflecting his dedication to the continuous advancement of his knowledge and skills in the mental health field.


On-site sessions in Las Cruces and Telehealth for clients located in New Mexico


Therapeutic Modalities & Technique

  • Mindfulness

  • Trauma - Informed Care

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Psychodynamic Therapy



$50-$80 for a 50-min session

Phone: 575-415-4782


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