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Our Services

Counseling is a very personal and individual process. We cater our therapeutic services to your specific needs and personality. You are the expert on your life. We can help guide your journey and assist you in cultivating the life you want for yourself.


Individual Counseling

Identifying issues, developing coping skills, & finding new effective patterns to implement

Couples, Marriage & Family Coaching

Solution-focused techniques that help you to envision your future & creating the path forward.

Individual Coaching

Solution-focused techniques that help you to reach specific goals & motivate progress towards the future.

Emotional Triggers Treatment

Clear the triggers that cause intense negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, shame, etc.

Couples, Marriage & Family Counseling

Identify, understand, & change the relationship patterns that have not been working.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

In partnership Medicina del Sol, treating chronic pain, depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD & suicidal ideation.

We provide both on-site services in Las Cruces and Telehealth video services for clients living in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Washington.

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Psilocybin-Assisted Retreats

Learn about Mariposa Counseling Center's individual and group psilocybin-assisted therapy retreats.
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Areas of Specialty:

  • PTSD/trauma/complex trauma

  • anger reduction/management

  • anxiety/panic attacks/phobias

  • depression

  • racial/gender trauma

  • grief/loss

  • shame/guilt reduction

  • relationship issues
  • chronic pain management

  • self-esteem issues

  • eating disorders

  • OCD management

  • social anxiety

  • life transition issues

  • sleeping issues

  • feelings of stuckness


At this time, we do not accept insurance. Some insurance companies provide reimbursement for out-of-network providers. You would need to contact your insurance company for more information. We can provide you the documentation required for submission to your insurance company.

Reduced fee options for therapy are available based on sliding scale. Additional discounts for ETT are offered to medical and mental health practitioners. Please inquire for more information.

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